Test Your Limits

Raging River

A gush of 13,000 liters every eight seconds, creates thrilling waves that take you around in an elliptical path. Now hop in the tube, wade your way through the waves to rock and roll.



It took us 2 years of designing planning with the best brains in the country and another 2 years to build the same to the perfection we had originally envisaged. After seeing the guest reaction on an inaugural day. we knew we had the best water ride in the country. The response was like the first-day celebration of a hit Rajnikanth Movie!!!


550 feet long channel! 12 lakhs litres of water!! A splash of 13,000 litres every 8 seconds!!! Persons above 4.5 feet alone are permitted in the ride. If you are below 4.5 feet do grow up tonight so that you can take India’s best water ride.

The depth of water is only 3 feet, but the splash and the wave swell you to thrilling heights.

If You Don't Ride, You Don't Know

Every rider is provided with a life jacket and circular tube which makes him float and rock in the rides they wade 50 feet into the ride. He is hit by the big splash of 13000 litres. this splash happens every 8 seconds.